Unique Valentines Day Date Ideas In Charlotte

Dated: 01/30/2018

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Valentine's Day

Looking to try something a little different with your sweetheart this Valentine's Day? Charlotte has tons of great date night ideas, including plenty of the traditional wine and dine options. But if you're trying to foster a sense of adventure in your relationship, whether its your first Valentine's Day or your 50th, we've got some pretty cool suggestions for an unforgettable Queen City V-Day experience!

1. Try an Escape Room

Some say that solving puzzles and brain teasers together helps strengthen a romantic relationship. Teamwork is, obviously, a skill that any couple could benefit from sharpening, and an escape room excursion is a great way to do so! If you're not familiar with escape rooms, they are a unique, hands-on problem-solving game in which individuals or teams work together to solve riddles, puzzles and brain teasers to get clues that help them progress through an indoor maze and "escape." The overall objective for most escape rooms is to beat the clock and escape before the time runs out, though different escape rooms may have different themes and objectives. Some objectives are akin to interactive murder mysteries while others are more like Indiana Jones-style treasure hunts or carnival funhouse-style mazes. Some are downright scary and are similar to haunted houses that are popular during Halloween. We suggest checking out several online and finding the one that appeals to you and your honey's sense of fun! 

Here are a few escape rooms in the greater Charlotte area:

Breakout Games of Charlotte

The Box Escape Room

Exit Strategy

2. Axe Throwing

Yes, axe throwing.

At Lumberjaxe in Charlotte, you can sharpen your aim and get in touch with your inner woodsman as you compete to earn the most points by throwing axes at a plywood target. If this sounds silly (and a little dangerous) to you, trust us...these guys take this sport (and safety) seriously. Lumberjaxe is a competitive axe throwing venue, which means they host league competitions in compliance with the National Axe Throwing Federation (yes, that's a thing). But don't worry, you don't have to be a pro to enjoy this unique pastime. They offer hourly play for the casual thrower, the newbie, or for anyone wanting to host ad hoc competitions against friends or strangers. Just know that hourly lane rentals are first come, first served and you may need to share lanes if demand is super high. This could be the perfect Valentine's Day date idea for the couple who love to try new things...or who maybe need to let out a little aggression? Just be sure to wear closed-toe shoes and listen to your Lumberjaxe coach, who will help answer your questions and provide a brief lesson on throwing technique, safety and scoring.

3. Take a Hike

Feeling a bit too connected to social media, emails and TV? Want to reconnect with your special someone? What better way that to unplug and get outside? Sure, it may be chilly but don't let that stop you and your partner from experiencing the beauty of nature! Pick a nice day, even if it's not on Valentine's Day, when the weather is reasonably sunny even if it's still cold. If you bundle up and wear the right shoes, you'll be surprisingly comfortable. Hiking will get your blood flowing and warm you up as you move along the trail. Just use common sense and avoid this date option if there's severe weather in the forecast. 

Hiking is a great date option for several reasons. It's great exercise, it reconnects you with one another, it reminds you of the beauty of living presently and taking in the sights, sounds and smells of nature. Plus, most hiking spots are less crowded in the winter so you may wind up having the trails to yourselves! Also, most state parks and hiking trails in the area can be accessed completely free of charge, which is great for couples on a tight budget.

Here are a few great places to hike, all within day trip's distance from Charlotte:

Crowders Mountain State Park

Rocky Face Mountain Recreational Area

South Mountains State Park

Bakers Mountain Park

None of these ideas striking a chord? These are just a few suggestions to get your wheels turning; Charlotte and the surrounding areas have tons of opportunities to spend Valentine's Day doing something really fun and unique! 

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